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Infracast precast portal culverts are manufactured and tested under the specification of SANS 986:2019 using high strength reinforced concrete – equivalent to the common requirements of a bridge. They are mainly used to transport stormwater, it can be:

  • Underneath a road / highway crossing / pathway
  • High volume storm-waterways
  • Low-level bridge crossings

Portal culverts are installed on a concrete base; the base can be cast in-situ which can be more time consuming, or precast concrete base components can be supplied together with the portals. Precast portal culverts are meant to reduce projects turn around time which goes hand-in-hand with administrative cost related to running day-to-day operations; precast portals are your cost-effective solution.


Infracast manufactures two types of culverts with a range of Span & Height:

  1. S-Class Portal Culverts
  2. SAR-class Portal culverts


Available in a range of span from 450mm – 3600mm, each size has a range of height from 300mm – 3000mm. For each span except 3600mm, the tallest length supplied is SPAN = HEIGHT. S-Class culverts have a range of strength from 200S, 175S, 150S, 100S & 75S.


Precast portal culverts are supplied in respect of their crushing load/strength as a combination of load cases involving vertical & horizontal knife edge test conducted under factory conditions. The Proof Load Test can be defined as a line load that a culvert should sustain without developing a crack of width exceeding 0.25mm over a length of 300mm continuously. An Ultimate Load Test is a failure load test to determine whether the culvert can sustain 25% more load without collapsing or failure.

There are 3 tests conducted on a Culvert to ascertain the requirements of SANS 986 are met, namely: deck bending moment, deck shear, and inner leg bending moment.


SAR portal culverts are manufactured for installations under railway track and designed to take account of train track, ballast and backfill load combinations. The fill height above culverts determines the classification of the culvert. The class are:

  1. 0-5m fill
  2. 5-10m fill

Special fill height can also be accommodated as per the customer’s specific design requirements.


Infracast supplies a wide range of precast pipes all available at 2.5m lengths; 1.2m half-lengths are accommodated on special customer needs. Pipes are available in 3 common joints i.e. Ogee / tongue & groove joint; Spigot and Socket joint, and In-The-Wall joint. A Butt joint is accommodated upon special customer needs.

All Infracast manufactured pipes bear the SABS mark and are physically tested under the specification requirements of SANS 677:2020; the reinforced high-strength concrete pipes are ideal for:

  • Stormwater / surface water drainage
  • Water-tight Sewer conveyance
  • Draining across roadway
  • Irrigation purposes
  • Not limited to the listed above

Pipe culverts installation configuration is determined by the trench conditions on either:

  • Class A bedding
  • Class B bedding
  • Class C bedding



Running from a range of 300mm up to 1800mm internal diameter, an Ogee joint is a non-watertight joint which allows joining of two pipes within the same outside diameter measurement as the barrel; the trench only allow for backfilling on the sides and the top of the pipe.

They are supplied in 3 Load Classification:

  1. 50D
  2. 75D
  • 100D


Available in a range from 300mm – 1800mm internal diameter, this type of concrete pipes has a watertight spigot-to-socket joint fitted with a rubber band which is also supplied with the pipe. These are ideal for sewer conveyance as it is kept away from reaching the ground. During installation, the trench has to be widened for this type of product to accommodate the joint which protrudes beyond the barrel outside diameter.

They are also supplied in 3 Load Classification:

  1. 50D
  2. 75D
  • 100D

Special design load requirements are also accommodated on special customer needs. (125D, 150D, 200D etc)


Available from 900mm – 1800mm internal diameter, In-the-wall joint is also a water-tight joint which; similar to a Spigot & Socket joint, has the joint within the same outside diameter of the barrel and this allows less trench width as well. They are also supplied with a rubber to produce the watertight joint.

They come is three classes supply as well:

  1. 50D
  2. 75D
  • 100D

Jacking pipes are special high-strength pipes designed to withstand high resistance as they are installed through the ground without disturbing the natural ground surface (drilling through the ground – a process called Pipe jacking). They are available from 840mm – 1800mm and are only supplied in 100D.

Product Specs:

Available Kerbs: Fig. 3 Kerbs, Fig 8c.

Product Specs: Manhole sections are supplied in lengths of 1000mmm, 500mmm and 250mm. They are available in diameters of 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm and 1750mm.

  1. Interlocking 60mm          Interlocking colour
  2. Interlocking 80mm          Interlocking colour
  3. G-BLOK 60mm                 G-BLOK 60mm colour
  4. G-BLOK 80mm                  G-BLOK 80mm colour